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Study on Specific Issues Concerning the Exemption Clauses of Personal Insurance Contracts
Prof. Pan Hongyan, Associate Professor School of Law Jilin University
Prof. Poon Hongyan
Institute of Insurance and Risk Management
Prof. Pan Hongyan is an associate professor in the School of Law at Jilin University. She started to teach Insurance Law and Introduction to Commercial Law at Jilin University since June 2002. In 2008, Prof. Pan obtained the doctor degree with dissertation titled “Study on the Legal System of Beneficiary in Life Insurance”. Since 2006, she engaged in 8 academic projects, which were supported financially by the foundation of China National Social Science Fund. Her researches have been published in journals including: Maritime Law and Insurance Law Review, Contemporary Law Review and Law Science Magazine.
Date and Time
20 April 2022, Wednesday
02:30pm – 04:00pm
Simplified Chinese
Mr Ken Ng
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